We at VSA are happy to welcome exceptional legal professionals who wish to associate with our Firm in its diverse practice areas. The Firm culture creates a platform for development of professional expertise in an environment which cherishes excellence and teamwork. To learn more about available opportunities of associating with our Firm, please write to us at


At VSA we understand that a debutant Lawyer has to adjust and adapt to the life in a Law Firm. Our Internship Programme aims to provide our Interns a glimpse into our daily routine, in a learning, friendly and stimulating environment. It also provides a platform to the Interns to demonstrate their potential.

Our Internship Programme aims to bring out the best in the Interns by challenging them and helping them take the first few steps towards becoming Lawyers. Please send in your applications for Internships at

Civil Criminal and commercial litigation

VSA offers an experienced litigation team that excels in various courts in order to resolve complex disputes. The extraordinary understanding of the administrative, legislative and executive branches of government enables the Firm to seek an array of solutions, particularly when a client requires a strategy beyond a conventional one.

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Environmental Law

VSA often helps clients to resolve enforcement actions concerning air, water, and site cleanup and chemical regulation issues. Other than defending various corporates, the Firm also helps its clients obtain central and state approvals of various projects.

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Industrial Disputes and Labour Laws

The Firm’s team is adept in understanding the highly complex labour issues and other employment related matters at all levels and it acts as local employment regulators for its several clients. The Firm provides its advisory services on...

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