Media & Entertainment industry encompasses films, television, sports and gaming sectors. Foreign companies are increasingly showing an increasing interest in this booming sector. The Firm’s Media and Entertainment practice area focuses on advising its clients:

  • On various Laws and Regulations governing this Industry
  • On Allied Laws such as those relating to Copyrights or Foreign Investments
  • In obtaining the relevant Regulatory Approvals
  • In Protection and retention of Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights
  • In Prevention of Piracy and Infringement
  • In Drafting Specialized and Wide-Ranging Agreements

Lawyers at the Firm have recently obtained a landmark judgment from the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal for a client in the business of liquor industry with respect to its product for surrogate advertisement. This would be the first advertisement (post 2008 Notification) which would be aired on TV/ theatres with prior permission of CBFC.

administrative and regulatory law

Since its founding, VSA has been widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent public policy law firms. The collective knowledge of “how government works” derives from the skill and experience of the attorneys and policy advisors at VSA.

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The Firm acts for leading insurance companies, agents and brokers, underwriters, commercial & investment banks. It advises clients on the issues which include the following...

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The Firm has a strong practice in the field of Mining which includes but is not limited to the following...

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