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8 bit pc games

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Kaisa is a action role-playing game with 8-bit style graphics. Caverns of Minos is a freaky twist on Caverns of Mars by Llamasoft, the home of freaky twists on 8-bit video games. Steins;Gate 8-bit is a spin-off story to the original game done in an 8-bit PC graphical style.

Beat up a lot of people to win the heart of your girlfriend in this retro-themed 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up based on the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels.

I believe this was launched much late in the nineties and we played on our TV. Though I played it for many times I wasn’t able to go beyond level six. This is tough but equally fun. Simple yet addicting. In this, you have to destroy the tanks of the enemy and guard your base against getting destroyed. It has more than 30 stages, of course, it gets harder as you proceed.

At first, this will be harder. At least it was for me; as evidently seen in the below screenshot. Comical and funny short man of yours will be placing bombs in various places to kill all the insects and also will have to search for a door which leads to the next level. Be careful in placing bombs as there are also chances that you’ll bomb yourself and lose a life.

Also, each stage has a hidden power which ranges from the ability to place more than one bomb, or the power to remote-control the bomb and even one for passing through the walls. The game has six levels. You have to operate the clown and make it pass through each of them showing different skills like a clown does.

This one is simple and after playing for a few hours you’ll be able to complete all the levels. The first four stages are very simple and the fifth and sixth one is a bit tough where you’ll ride a horse and swing on a trapeze, respectively. Now, this is very famous. It had many versions. The old classic one had nine stages.

There are three lives that you can utilize to complete all the stages. We also used a cheat code from which that increased the count of life from three to thirty. I myself now don’t believe in using cheat codes. It takes away the fun. I spent hours playing this one along with Alladin.

This requires utmost attention and a slight mistake will lead to an end. Both the games this one and Alladin came in as bundled in one of the earlier cassette type instrument which when inserted in a video-game machine could be played by connecting to the Television. Galaxian was launched in and was very successful.

Galaga was released as a sequel to Galaxian. Required the player to control a spaceship and shoot down enemies coming from other directions. The gameplay required the player to beat others and move forward along the bridge. It has five stages and each level is completed by killing the boss of the stage. The first stage boss is the one with uses a stick, the second one uses a boomerang, the third one is a fat boxer, the fourth one is a sorcerer, and the last one is a karate champion.

I loved this one because I completed all the levels with ease. In our part of the world, it was known as Spartan. You have to hit each and every creature by first hitting the horizontal bars and then by pushing them into the water. Once you kill all the animals the level is completed and you move on to the next level. There is also a bonus stage where many points can be scored by collecting coins.

One of the most played classic games of all time. The same developer of Desktop Goose brings a calmer, virtual being onto your computer with Desktop Meadow. Just like a real-life meadow, the program scatters Mario Builder is the perfect program for anybody who ever wanted to make their own Super Mario game, in the style of the 8-bit and bit classics.

With this Poom is the pixelated version of the first-person shooter game, Doom. It was created with PICO-8 – a console for developing, publishing, and playing In this chapter, the main character, The Lad, goes Press CTRL is an incremental game where you control a character that controls another character.

As the name suggests, you must press the in-game CTRL Created from a Kickstarter campaign, The Jungle Joe is a multi-platform puzzle-adventure game developed for the Commodore 64, in which you build paths to new levels while avoiding enemies. Outworlder is an 8-bit science-fiction game.

Its developers, Igloosoft, were heavily influenced by sci-fi films like Aliens, Starship Troopers, and Battle You will play Rubi, a Mira who is unable to use magic in a world where Super Tilt Bro.

In this title, you will be able to play the hit in an 8-bit It is an impressive retro soccer simulator that provides the ultimate 8-bit pixel Developed by vector5games, this indie puzzle game puts you in charge of Santa Claus who Bio Evil 4.

Super Tilt Bro. Deep Inside. Nobody talks about the fire incident at Estmour mansion. As the new servant, you’re bound to keep silence Ananias Roguelike. A modern classic dungeon crawling adventure. Tiny Crate. Harmony Honey. Angel Jump. In this simple arcade style game, you can jump up platforms and not fall in to a pit of tentacles. Thats it! Collect power-ups as you clear out the infested base in this action platformer. Paranoid Cactus. Authentic retro adventure platformer! Impbox Games.



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There are approximately a billion RPG Maker games , so a project needs to be extra special to stand out from the plethora of good titles out there. When Zero dies, his precognition rewinds back to the start of the mission. Tanks of Freedom. Players can go for paths that seem the most fitting for their play style. Enter up to characters to add a description to your widget:. There are no more reviews that match the filters set above.


[8 bit pc games


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