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USER MANUAL MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro 11 | Search For Manual Online – Your favorite engineer’s favorite tool

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User Manual: sony Sound Forge Pro – – User Manual Free User Guide for Sony Sound Forge Software, Manual. Open the PDF directly: View PDF PDF. User Manual: sony Sound Forge Pro – – User Manual Free User Guide for Sony Sound Forge Software, Manual.

Sony sound forge 11 manual pdf free download. Sound Forge Pro 11.0 User Manual


Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Sony audio player for adapter for clie handheld 36 pages. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries. Page 4 The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a guarantee or commitment on behalf of Sony Creative Software Inc.

All updates or additional information relating to the contents of this manual will be posted on the Sony Creative Software Inc. The software provides you with the powerful features you have come to expect, as well as a number of new features designed to make digital audio editing quick and easy. Tab Description Contents Provides a list of available help topics. Click a closed book to open the pages, and then click on a topic page Index Provides a complete listing of the help topics available.

Scroll through the list of available topics or type a word in the Type in the keyword to find box to quickly locate topics related to that word. The main window When you start the application, the main window is displayed. Page Data Windows Data windows Data windows contain audio data as a waveform as well as a number of controls and commands used to edit and process audio. Page Playbar Playbar The playbar is located in the bottom-left corner of a data window. You can use the playbar to navigate and play audio files in a variety of ways.

Go to Start Moves the cursor to the start Stop Stops playback and returns the of the file. Page Standard Toolbar Standard toolbar The Standard toolbar displays by default when you start the application. The buttons on this toolbar provide quick access to many common commands. New Creates a new data window. Play Clipboard Plays the audio on the clipboard. Open Displays the Open dialog. It is an extremely deep program, containing features that may only be required by the most advanced or specialized users.

Nonetheless, a firm grasp of Sound Forge Audio Studio basics is essential. Page Scrubbing Scrubbing Scrubbing is a type of timeline playback that gives you precise control over the speed and direction of playback. Scrubbing with the scrub control slider The scrub control slider , which is located at the bottom of the data window, can be dragged back and forth.

The farther from the center that the slider is dragged, the faster the playback, both forward and in reverse. The following sections contain a mini-tutorial to familiarize you with basic editing operations. These procedures use Sony Creative Software Inc. While working through these procedures, these files should remain open and be modified as described. Page Cutting To confirm that the data has been pasted into the file, click the Play All button. Pasting by dragging and dropping a selection Choose the Edit tool Drag the mouse in the data window to create a selection anywhere in Voiceover.

Page Mixing Mixing Mixing is a powerful editing function that allows you to mix a copy of the clipboard contents at the current cursor position. Mixing by dragging and dropping a selection Open and play the Drumhit. The file contains a snare drum and crash cymbal sound. Choose the Edit tool Drag the mouse over the data window to select the entire waveform. You can access the Magnify tool in three ways: From the Edit menu, choose Tool, and choose Magnify from the submenu.

Editing file properties When you open or create a file, its properties in the first four boxes of the status bar at the bottom of the Sound Forge Audio Studio workspace. Page Changing The Bit Depth Changing the bit depth Bit depth refers to the number of bits used to represent a sound. Increasing the bit depth does not change the quality of the audio, but it allows subsequent processing to be performed with increased precision.

However, representing a file with less bit depth results in audible distortion, referred to as quantization error. Converting from mono to stereo Open the Voiceover. This file is located in the same folder as the application. Right-click the Channels status box and choose Stereo from the shortcut menu. The Mono To Stereo dialog is displayed. Select the Both Channels radio button and click OK. These tools allow you to tag and organize audio data and make audio editing more efficient.

Using markers A marker is a tag placed in an audio file that is used as a reference point. Markers make navigating a file easier and more efficient. Click the Play button. Using regions Regions identify ranges of time and provide a way to subdivide an audio file.

All markers and regions are removed. Page Applying Processes And Effects The included audio plug-ins can improve the quality of your audio or create unique sounds. Note: Specifying recording and playback options From the Options menu, choose Preferences and select the Audio tab to specify recording and playback options. In addition, the Advanced Audio Configuration dialog allows you to view information about and adjust settings for the playback or recording device selected on the Preferences window from the Options menu, choose Preferences Audio tab.

Page Recording Remotely Mode Description Punch-In record a specific Punch-In mode is used to record over a specific selection in an existing data window. The Extract Audio from CD dialog is displayed. You can burn either single tracks track-at-once or the entire disc disc-at-once. Track-at-once writing records individual tracks to the disc and results in a partially recorded disc. Additional tracks can be added to the CD over a period of time.

However, you cannot add tracks to a CD once it is closed. From the Action drop-down list, choose Close Disc. Page 36 Select the Render temporary image before burning check box if you want to render your CD project to a temporary file before recording.

Prerendering can prevent buffer underruns if you have a complex project that cannot be rendered and burned in real time. Page Index Index extracting regions, 23 arming for recording, 28 audio event locator, 6 files Automatic retake recording mode, 27 channels, 19 converting, 19 creating from regions, 23 bit depth, changing, 18 opening, 9 Burn Disc-at-Once Audio CD dialog, 31 playing, 9 burning CDs properties, 17 disc-at-once Red Book , Page 38 playbar, 7 track-at-once CD burning, 30 playing files, 9 Transport bar, 8 trimming audio, 12 scrubbing Plug-In Manager, 25 tutorials, 4 previewing markers, 22 undoing edits, 14 regions, 23 processes applying, 25 video files, 9 saving settings as presets, 25 viewing audio input levels, 27 properties, 17 Punch-In recording mode, This manual is also suitable for: Sound forge audio studio.

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