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Professional Summary:

Sumeer Sodhi is an Advocate-on-Record (AoR) and is based out of New Delhi. He is an expert in the field of environmental law, criminal law, consumer-based disputes, corporate disputes and regularly advises clients on intricate issues related to a wide variety of matters. He is adept at advising and representing his clients in the resolution of complex disputes. He secured the 2nd rank in the Advocate-on-Record Examination, 2017 held by the Supreme Court of India. Currently the Standing Counsel in the Supreme Court for the State of Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Sumeer is a regular at the Supreme Court and thus has a complete understanding of the workings of the Supreme Court.

Having represented his clients at original and appellate levels across most jurisdictions in India, Sumeer has amassed expertise at both, local jurisdictional levels, as well as at the highest appellate level of judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative dispute resolution forums in India. In specific, Sumeer’s diverse and prolific practice is spread across the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi, the National Green Tribunal, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, National Company Law Tribunal and other appellate courts and tribunals located in various other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Sumeer is empaneled as a lawyer for the State of Punjab and Jharkhand for courts in Delhi.

Sumeer’s capabilities encompass commercial and contractual disputes, international trade disputes, environmental disputes, civil and criminal cases, and various other domestic and international arbitrations.

As part of his pro bono initiatives, Sumeer also regularly represents and provides legal aid to many clients from the less fortunate financial strata of the society, and has successfully challenged a few high profile death penalty proclamations as well.

Other Interests:

As part of his initiative to guide and assist the growing population of promising lawyers and law students in India, Sumeer consistently chairs / judges various national and international level moot court competitions, and is an active participant in National and International Conferences on contemporary legal debates and issues.


  • BSL LLB from ILS Law College, Pune
  • Diploma in Corporate Laws
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws
  • Diploma in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy (PGDELP)

Professional Memberships:

  • Bar Council of Delhi
  • Supreme Court Bar Association
  • Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association
  • National Green Tribunal Bar Association


Professional Summary:

Varun Tankha is a practising advocate based out of New Delhi and Jabalpur, who leads the Criminal Dispute Resolution Team at VSA Legal. Varun has established himself as one of the foremost experts of his generation in the field of Criminal law both as a trial court and appellate forum lawyer.

Having represented clients on a wide variety of original and appellate matters across most jurisdictions in India, Varun brings an empathetic yet practical approach to his legal practice. He has been involved with a variety of constitutional and criminal matters. Varun’s expertise spans across local jurisdictional levels as well as at the highest appellate forums of judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative dispute resolution in India. His criminal practice covers a wide variety of disputes such as petty criminal offences, corruption cases, murder appeals, food adulteration cases, economic offences and matters involving foreign exchange, customs, excise and direct/indirect taxes. In addition to his vast criminal practice, Varun is also an empaneled lawyer for the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Ltd., Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board, Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Marketing Board and Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board.

Varun’s sprawling practice includes a wide variety of judicial forums such as the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi, the Patiala House Courts, the Saket District Courts and other similar courts and tribunals located in various other states such as Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

As part of his pro bono initiatives, Varun regularly represents and provides legal aid to many clients from under privileged backgrounds, and has spearheaded various legal and social aid campaigns and initiatives in various parts of the country.


  • LLB (Symbiosis Law School, SIU, Pune)
  • LLM (King’s College London, UK)

Professional Memberships:

  • Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh
  • Supreme Court Bar Association
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association


Professional Summary:

Aman Nandrajog is a practicing advocate based out of New Delhi, who leads the Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution team at VSA Legal. He has cultivated a reputation for his expertise and precise skills in handling various modes of Dispute Resolution in India. Besides rendering sound and comprehensive legal consultancy services, he also frequently appears on behalf of clients before various judicial forums, for litigations and domestic arbitrations, inter-alia others.

Aman has extensive experience representing Clients in both the Original and Appellate side, in and outside Delhi. His fields of practice include Domestic Dispute Resolutions, with a special emphasis on original, appellate and writ jurisdiction matters of the High Court of Delhi as well as Arbitrations and the Debts Recovery Tribunal, the Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal, National Company Law Tribunal, Company Courts and the various District Courts at New Delhi. In addition to the above Aman is adept at providing General Corporate Advisories tailored to the scale of the undertaking. Aman is also an empaneled lawyer for the State of Punjab before Delhi Courts.

Having specialized in Litigation and Arbitration, Aman’s keen and erudite interests lie in the practice areas of commercial and contractual disputes, disputes relating to building, construction, and turn-key contracts, real estate disputes, international trade disputes, intellectual property disputes, domestic and international arbitration, disputes relating to cooperative societies, insurance disputes, and other corporate and commercial matters.


  • LLB (Symbiosis Law School, SIU, Pune)
  • Diploma in Corporate Laws (Indian Law Society)

Professional Memberships:

  • Bar Council of Delhi
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association

Experts in law

Professionals with exceptional legal background and years of law expertise.

With over 4 years of practice, Aarzoo has gained diversified experience in the field of civil law, contractual law, criminal law, matrimonial matters, white-collar crimes and arbitration. Aarzoo’s expertise lies in advising clients and dealing with disputes arising out of real estate transactions, ad-hoc arbitrations, contractual claims, recovery of debts, insolvency proceedings and, money-laundering transactions. She is actively involved in formulation of strategy, drafting, and filing petitions before Trial Courts, High Courts and various Tribunals. Aarzoo is very passionate about law and immense research goes in before she strategizes the course of action for a client.


Amitabh has experience across a wide range of disputes both of a general commercial nature as well as public disputes. His area of expertise ranges from dispute resolution, including arbitration and commercial litigation to defending litigants against allegations involving offences related to white and blue-collar crimes. Amitabh is also involved in advising clients in strategizing and undertaking a variety of civil, commercial and corporate litigations, arbitrations and service matters. He regularly appears before various courts in Delhi at both trial courts and appellate courts. Amitabh’s forte in being a master of procedural laws is what makes him a genius at the bar.


Arjun is a practicing attorney having experience in handling matters in various Courts & Tribunals dealing with Commercial & Civil Litigation on the Original as well as Appellate side. He has been dealing with Consumer disputes, Land Acquisition litigations and disputes concerning environmental law in Delhi. His primary interest lies in disputes arising out of builder-buyer contracts, real estate agreements and commercial contracts. Arjun is well versed with court procedure and efficiently strategizes the course of dispute redressal. Arjun also has extensive knowledge of criminal procedure and criminal trials. He has a great quality of building immense trust with the client which as a lawyer plays a very significant role.


Ashish Tiwari is a practicing attorney based out of New Delhi, whose fields of practice include the Civil and Commercial Law, Arbitration, Criminal Law, Electricity Law, Election Law, Constitutional Law to name a few. He has gained considerable expertise in handling disputes concerning various fields of law and has vast experience in advising clients ranging from private establishments/enterprises to public sector entities. Ashish’s clarity of foundational aspects of law and first principles is what helps him to be an exceptional lawyer. He regularly appears before the Supreme Court of India and other courts and tribunals located in the Delhi, Jabalpur, Chhattisgarh etc.


Hussain’s primary area of practice is Criminal litigation at both the trial and appellate stage. Along with his experience in Criminal Law, Hussain is also well versed in the fields of Arbitration, Family Laws, Land Revenue and Property Laws and Labor Laws to name a few. At VSA, Hussain plays an important role in meticulously drafting of pleadings in Supreme Court. Hussain’s ability to simplify even most complex issues of law is what makes him a very good lawyer. Practicing primarily in New Delhi he is a regular before the Trial Courts, High Court and the Supreme Court.


Riddhima’s areas of practice primarily include litigation in Consumer Disputes, Civil and Criminal Law, Real Estate disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy, arbitration and debts recovery laws. With her formidable abilities, she assists the firm is working on matters by formulating strategies, accumulating information and drafting of cases which is of course followed by appearing before various courts in Delhi on a regular basis.


Sherick’s areas of practice include matrimonial disputes, civil, commercial and contractual disputes and criminal matters at trial court level. Consequently, he is instrumental in drafting petitions for filing before various forums, developing legal strategies in multifaceted disputes and providing general legal advisories. Primarily based out of Delhi, Sherick is well versed in handling matters and appearing before various courts in Delhi.


Shreya is a practicing advocate, who has amassed experience in wide and varied fields of Dispute Resolution ranging from Civil and Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Contractual Law, Real Estate Law, Consumer Disputes, Environmental Law, Land Acquisition Law, Constitutional Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Economic Offences etc. Having dealt with a diverse range of clients, she is instrumental in formulating tailor-made legal advisories, petitions and legal strategies for disputes before both Judicial and Quasi-Judicial forums. Appearing before various forums, Shreya is adept at managing matters before the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Delhi District Courts. National Green Tribunal, National and State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions and the National Company Law Tribunal to name a few. Shreya comes with immense knowledge of literature and history and is an avid reader.


Simran’s scope of practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, constitutional matters, real estate disputes, consumer disputes, economic offences, employment law, tax disputes, environmental law, arbitration, insolvency and bankruptcy laws, and debt recovery laws. Simran’s ability to come up without of the box solutions for clients is what sets her apart at VSA. Simran plays a major role at VSA in the drafting of cases while also appearing regularly before Courts at both trial court and appellate courts.


Suditi is a practicing attorney based out of New Delhi. She has a wide range of experience in handling matters relating to Commercial & Civil Litigation, besides advisory and opinion related work on various Civil & Commercial laws. Suditi is involved in drafting petitions, advising clients and strategizing disputes. She has represented clients on the original side as well as appellate levels in various courts and tribunals, in and around New Delhi.


Siddharth’s areas of practice include civil and commercial litigation, constitutional petitions (Writ side work), service law and trial court and appellate court criminal cases. Siddharth practices regularly both in Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi. His immaculate drafting skills and in-depth procedural knowledge gives him an edge over the others as a lawyer. Siddharth’s never said die attitude has the capability of generating hope in a lost cause.



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